GreensXpress is now GreensXclusive.

Previously known as GreensXpress, we have implemented a number of exciting changes. GreensXclusive is a budding platform made up of industry veterans to provide direct access to a variety of medicinal based products. By joining our community, you will receive the latest updates for new industry products, news, hot deals, education and giveaways.

GreensXclusive is for Members Only

We have created a membership program that incentivizes and rewards clients that shop and engage more regularly.

In order to access any of our catalog you must be logged into a verified account with an active membership. By restricting our catalog to members only, we are able to provide a more personal curation to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

A GreensXclusive membership will not only provide access to our catalog, but you will find numerous benefits to purchasing your favourite products such as earning GXP that will earn you cash discounts, free products and other awesome benefits.

Learn more about the GreensXclusive Membership Program

Rack up GXP for VIP Status

Not only will you earn points on all orders, you can complete a number of different incentives to accelerate your earnings!

Earn points for engaging with our community by leaving product reviews, referring friends and even shouting us out on your Instagram. Your GXP will go towards upgrading your membership status to different VIP levels.

Reaching higher VIP tiers will unlock special discounts and other great benefits. Keep an eye out for limited-time events where you can earn even more points such as our Daily Deal on Fridays: Earn x2 points on all purchases.

Learn more about GX Points

Reduce your carbon footprint with the GX Earth Initiative

We are proud to introduce the GX Earth Initiative with our jar exchange program where we provide the most practical and aesthetically pleasing setting for your flower.

By donating to the GX Earth Initiative, we will provide you with $10 off all future Oz orders and you will receive them in our sanitized and smell-proof GX Earth Jars. You can then return your previous jar for us to clean, sanitize and reuse. Keeping your flower in a glass jar allows for the regulation of moisture which keeps your buds fresh and mold free.

You will also unlock access to other special benefits exclusive to GX Earth Advocates.