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In order to become a GreensXclusive member, you must be 19+ and you must create an account through our website and then fill out this form:

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GX Guest

  • Able to see limited menu including select flowers, edibles, extract, accessories and merchandise.
  • Must verify identity to order
  • Local Delivery for $15 and Canada-wide Express Shipping $25
  • If you were referred by a friend, ask them for their discount code

Just visiting?

As soon as your identity has been verified by the team, the menu will become visible on the website once you are logged in. You will become a GX Member once you have completed a purchase. Otherwise, consider reading through our website to learn more.

GX Member (Tier 1)

  • Flower counts upgraded to GX Counts
  • (HQ = 4g, Q = 8g, HO = 15g, Oz = 30g)
  • Get your own unique Referral Code to give friends $15 off
  • Access to limited menu including select flowers, edibles, extract, accessories and merchandise.

Welcome to GX.

Start earning GXP on purchases and incentives to put towards your favourite products and leveling up your membership. You will be able to keep track of your points and progress on your account page as well as on the home page.

GX VIP (Tier 2)

  • Access to full Flower and Xclusive menus (special products)
  • Free local delivery over $100 all over GTA and Free Canada-wide shipping over $200
  • Use GXP towards purchasing products
  • All benefits from previous tiers
  • $30/month for an instant level up to VIP while you continue earning GXP towards earning it for free

2500 GXP

Build up your GXP to upgrade your Tier 1 membership. Earn GXP by completing incentives such as purchasing your favourite products, leaving a review and shouting us out on social media. Check out our daily deals for even more chances to multiply your earned GXP.


  • Enrollment in GX Earth Initiative
  • Free Canada-wide shipping over $150
  • Free merchandise
  • Free surprise with every order such as 1g samples, prerolls or edibles
  • All benefits from previous tiers
  • $30/month for an instant level up to GOLDVIP while you continue earning GXP towards earning it for free

4500 GXP

As a Tier 3 member, the benefits start piling up! Not only will you have a discount on all orders, you will also be enrolled into our jar exchange program for Oz purchases. We even hook you up with a free shirt.

GreensXclusive Earth Initiative

We want to show our love for the Earth by promoting the reduction of our carbon footprints.

To start off, we have setup a jar exchange program where we provide the ideal container for your flower rather than disposable bags. Keeping your flower in a glass jar allows for the regulation of moisture which keeps your buds fresh and mold free. You can then return your previous jar for us to clean, sanitize and reuse.

Donating at least $50 to the GX Earth Initiative will give you the GX Earth Advocate status, where you will unlock special benefits such as receiving your Oz orders in the smell-proof glass containers with an additional $10 off (as long as you return the jar). Although our jar exchange is only available for local deliveries, you will also unlock access to further discounts through the GX Earth Strain of the Month and other special products.

Here is a list of all GX Earth Advocate benefits:

Receive all future Oz orders in GX Earth Jars (1oz in small jar, 2oz in large jar)

Discounts on all Earth tagged prodcuts

Free personalized engraved jar (you choose the design)

200 Extra GXP

Your donations will go towards environmental charity projects and funding community events such as beach and park cleanups around the city.

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for how we can reduce our carbon footprint as a community.

How to Exchange your Jar as a GX Earth Advocate

When purchasing any of our flower, the add-on option for the GX Earth Initiative has three options: None, Join GX Earth and Jar Exchange.

If you would like to join, you can select the option there to automatically add the $50 required donation and your Oz of flower will come in a jar.

If you are already a GX Earth Advocate, select the third option and have your old jar ready for your courier. We will have multiple customized jars with your personal design on standby for your exchange.

Note you may also choose to purchase a jar for each individual order for $10 (you will see it as the final add-on option when purchasing flower.)