Terms of Service

By Submitting an order with greensxclusive.com, you certify that you agree to and understand the following terms of services listed below

  • You are at least 19 years of age.
  • Are a Canadian resident.
  • All deliveries must be to a Canadian address.
  • Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice.
  • We are not responsible for any issues that may result from misuse or negligence of our products.
  • You are not affiliated with law enforcement or any governing officials.
  • Always consult medical professionals before using any of our products.
  • NEVER operate machinery or drive vehicles while under the influence of cannabis.


“You” and “your” includes an applicant, customer, individual, corporation or other type(s) of legal entity which has subscribed for Products/Services

“We” “GreensXclusive” means GreensXclusive Co. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

“Service(s)” or “The Service(s)” means the Products/Services purchased by you from GreensXclusive Co, as set out in this terms and conditions.

GXP - GreensXclusive Points

GreensXclusive Points (GXP) are the main part our revamped loyalty system where members passively earn GXP by shopping and completing certain incentives. At certain thresholds of GXP, your GX Membership will upgrade to VIP status granting you brand new discounts and exciting benefits. Kind of like earning EXP towards your next level in a video game. Our goal is to ensure that our most loyal and active members are generously rewarded. Please read our GreensXclusive Membership page for more details.

You can earn GXP by doing:

  • Shopping
  • Earn bonus points when you purchase specifically marked products and categories
  • Leaving product reviews
  • Posting us on social media with proof submitted to Discord "Social Media" channel
  • Referring friends with your unique referral code (earn when they shop as well!)
  • Look out for bonus points from our Daily Deals
  • Hidden incentives such as clicking certain images on our website or achieving account milestones

Eventually when you reach the highest VIP tier, there will be other ways to use your hard earned GXP however those benefits are kept a secret for GX DIAMONDVIPs only.

We also have options to purchase GXP. If interested please contact us directly by phone, email or Discord.

GXP will expire after 3 months of inactivity, meaning you will lose all progress towards your VIP level if you remain inactive. If you lose your GXP this way, you may pay a $20 fee to reinstate your level.

Returns/Exchange or GX Credit

Currently we do not provide refunds all sales are final.

For defective products, please contact a team member and, you may be eligible for a credit in the form of GXP.

Defective Examples

Improperly dried

Contains mould

Exhibits a manufacturing defect

Delivered in damaged packaging “Pictures required for all defectives!”

Shipping Errors (Missing/Wrong products)

Missing Products: If you are sufficiently able to prove a missing delivery

Any missing items will be delivered to you (At no cost!).

Any missing products that’s no longer available, an equivalent replacement will be offered.

Wrong Products:

The wrong product must be returned in its original packaging

Any wrong product that’s no longer available, an equivalent replacement will be offered